Greek and Roman Art and Arhitecture. exam.

The Mycenanic fortress walls were so large that people believed that it was some mythical giants who built it. From some of the Mycenic temples, one can find links to the Doric temples. For example, the Lion Gates relief in Mycenae have a lot of similarities with the sculptured pediments on the Doric temples (Ramage and Ramage 68).

Another factor that could indicate the Mycenae influence of the development of the Doric temples is the small distance between the capital of the Minoan-Mycenae and the Doric echinus abacus. Egyptians also influenced the Doric order because unlike the Mycenae shaft that tapers downwards, the Doric columns taper upwards like those of the Egyptian’s. The Egyptian’s are most likely the ones who influenced the Greek architecture more than the others. This is because of their knowledge in geometry which was, and is still essential in building. Egyptians largely contributed to the development of the Doric order. According to Ramage and Ramage (108), the art of masonry came from Egypt, and it came with architectural ornamentry. To this point, one can say that the Egyptians contributed more than the Mycenaeinians or the Minoans.

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Greek and Roman Art and Arhitecture. exam.
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The Greeks built temples with the use of stones and they also imitated some wooden designs because the stone was the significant art of the temple. When they chose to use these ancient designs, they did so because the wooden form had been well established that they were now part of the stone structure. The unconventional plan distinguished the Parthenon from other temples: with an unusually wide collar and somewhat shorter than other temples. This makes it effective in supporting the statue of Athena. It is at the Parthenon temple that has the highest geometrical value which is a classical Doric that can be seen well than anywhere else.

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