Green IT and Business Strategization for Epson Australia.

The success of a company is measured using many tools, which are both quantitative and qualitative in nature. With the growing awareness of environmental impacts of massive industrialization and growth in the IT sector, governments have realized how crucial it is to thwart the harmful effects of unsolicited disposal of gadgets and hardware used in offices and mills. Epson is a global brand that provides computer associated products like printers, scanners, and projectors to consumers worldwide. End-of-life products of these gadgets include cartridges and accessories that have a negative impact on the soil, flora, and fauna of the regions that they are dumped in. The present project focuses on the performance of Epson Australia in taking strong measures to conform to the principles of Green IT and generates solutions to problems in this arena of safe disposal and sustainable practices. The report that we present here is a compilation of studies that can help in the present situation of Epson Australia wherein achieving business sustainability in spite of dedicated and conscious eco-friendly drives has become difficult due to lower sales in the recycled products section of products. The objectives of the paper are to use theories and deductions published in the last four years by scholars of business and green IT fraternity, and references were drawn from journal databases like Elsevier, Proquest, Wiley Online Library, and SpringerLink. Journals used include the Journal of Business Ethics, Harvard Business.

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Green IT and Business Strategization for Epson Australia.
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