Green mile. .


We can also see in the process of the film that this man is too kind and sincere and he often cries. The director of the film provides the viewers of the film that Paul is able to heal the dying mouse and help Paul to deal with his urinary infection. John is not pride of his power and he just takes it for granted.

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 Green mile. .
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There is something enchanting about this film, when the viewers are attracted by watching the most important things and facial expressions of the main characters of the film. There is a deep and profound friendship bounds between the old man and Paul. We can see that Paul is a sympathizing person and that he is able to feel sympathy towards those prisoners, who are going along their final paths in their lives. The director of the film impresses the audience by using different angles of camera. Coffeys image is shown from different perspectives. There is a clear intention of the director of the film to show Coffeys appearance from different perspectives.

I do not know why, but the director managed to show the character of John Coffey as a tender person. Coffey underlines that he is able to react to his spiritual abilities to heal someone and his face reflects all his inner emotions and feelings. At this moment the director employs the camera zoom. The usage of flashbacks makes the viewers think about their lives as profoundly, as the main characters of the film do. Coffey holds two girls in his arms and we can see sincere feelings of a black man, holding small girls in his arms. The dogs are barking and the girls are crying, but the director intends to position this flashback as an evidence of Coffeys innocence. The process of Edgecombes healing by Coffey is depicted in a magical manner by the director. In such a way, he wants to show the viewers that Coffey is an extraordinary person and he should not be blamed for raping or murdering the two small girls.

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