Group procedures/interventions.


Drug abuse is a major problem in the youth today. Due to a number of social factors many fall prey to this horrendous habit and destroy their lives. This paper will look at counseling and intervention that can be used to remedy the problems. Certain people may experience embarrassment in attending therapy as they may feel that they have failed in life or that there is something terribly wrong with them for which they need to see a therapist (Schechter, 2008). However, this is not necessarily the case, there are several people who go for professional counseling and they discover that just through this they succeed in making their lives better. Group procedures and group therapy come a long way in helping people deal with their issues and problems. The problems relating to teenage drug abuse can also be solved through group procedures.

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Group procedures/interventions.
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Group procedures involve working with a number of subjects simultaneously to help them work through their problems psychologically. The process involves different individuals sharing their experiences so that they can feel like their problems are not as significant as they appear and quite possibly be able to recover in a much easier fashion. The idea is to help the subjects in the group respond to their environment and situations in a positive way (Hunter, 2001). A group is meant to explore the problems at hand while exploring individual issues as well. It works because when several people listen to one person he may feel accepted and less of a failure in life. The group’s role is to help by offering support through understanding them and then using the appropriate strategies to help the subject. By sharing experiences the teenagers may learn to deal with their issues in new ways that others in the group may have successfully implemented in their own. “peer identification among “hard to reach” adolescents is one of the most powerful sources of motivation they experience

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