Growth and Development of Children.

The paper tells that according to Lowrey, children develop in many dimensions including the physical development, the psychological, emotional, cognitive and social development. The named areas of development are essential to a child. They determine the future life of children, which largely depends on healthy beginning in early life. Variations are inevitable in a population, and children might differ in the rate of cognitive or physical growth depending on the environmental conditions or the diet. Further, genetic makeup and exposure to proper and adequate physical exercise affect growth and development in children. However, the variations should not exceed the limits because the child might be abnormal in his or her development. Females at the age of fourteen show a considerable improvement in their physical development. Such developments include the development of the secondary sexual characteristics as well the primary sexual characteristics. At this age, girls develop breasts, which grow to a considerable size. Furthermore, the hips broaden, and some might develop pimples in the face to mark the onset of adolescence. The menstrual cycle might also commence at age fourteen or even younger than fourteen. An alarming developmental deviation could probably be a lack of breasts and a late onset of the menstrual cycle. Such females could be referred to a doctor to establish the basis of the enormous developmental variation from the normal development. Cognitive development at the age of fourteen should be complete. Children at this age can comprehend abstract ideas. Further, adolescents at this age can solve complex mathematical problems and understand sophisticated philosophical ideas that explain different concepts of life. Morality and religious teachings are already an integral part of children’s life.

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