Zeffirelli’s version of the play is shorter and has in it new episodes, making it different. Zefirelli produced the movie in 1990. Both pieces of work center on the drama that follows when Claudius poisons his brother the king and inherits the throne and the queen. Hamlet cannot come into terms with all the sudden evils and seeks to avenge the death of his father. It is worth noting that Zeffirelli has produced a shorter and easier version of the play that simplifies the Shakespeare style (Cook 20). Employing creativity, Zeffirelli manages to emphasize the level of decay in Denmark.

Through his interpretation, Zeffirelli introduces the Hamlet movie with a new scene that does not exist in the original version of the play. Some of the lines plucked from a later scene include “think of us as of a father…” (1.2.113-117) (Shakespeare and Edwards 114). In emphasizing the decay, which has engulfed the Denmark society, he places a funeral as the first scene of the movie. In the original version, the characters only mention the funeral. By placing a funeral at the start, he introduces the viewer to the villainy that lead to all the other drama (Mazek). The original play starts differently. Zefirelli’s first scene acts as the first event in the chronology of events that follow.

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Zeffirelli creatively replaces the first scene of the original script of the play. Therefore, he omits the introduction to the main story that Shakespeare provided. It is clear that he seeks to divert the attention of the viewer to focus on a different element of the play. The first scene in Shakespeare’s play introduces all the drama that will transpire in an instance. In this scene, he mentions that the Prince, Fortenbras, has intentions to attack Denmark. In this scene, the ghost appearance of King Hamlet happens for the first time. For purposes of widening the analysis of the play,

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