Health and Social Research Methods.

Libya is one of the rich countries of the world located in the region of North Africa. The population of Libya is around six million. 22.1 percent lives in&nbsp.the&nbsp.rural area. Average life of the people is around 75 years. Mortality rate is around 6.9 under the age of 5. Libya is an oil-rich and upper middle-income country located in North Africa region with a population of slightly above six million,

out of which 22.1 percent lives in a rural area. (Toebes et al., 2013).

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Health and Social Research Methods.
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The Libyan Red Crescent is a Voluntary aid organization, was formed in 1957. The purpose was to provide medicines and other medical facilities in the cities of Libya. Record shows that the health system needs to improve in Libya. The volunteers of this organization are doing their work properly in providing the medical aids to the people affected by the disasters. The volunteers of this organization are improving themselves by providing relief to the general public (Ahsan Ullah, 2014). Their motive is to help humanities specially disabled persons to ensure that they are provided free and better medical treatments. Their development programs are the evidence of their intention of&nbsp.the& The additional work of this organization is to prevent the people from disease, providing healthy food, protection of poor people, preparation for disasters, donate blood, recovery of the disease and organizing programs to maintain peace in the society (Martin et al., 2014).

The volunteers of Libya Red Crescent Organization are providing better services of medical aid facilities to the people who are injured in the disasters. The volunteers have several issues, which have to be resolved. However, there is a need for research to identify and examine the issues faced by the volunteers. The employees of the organization address some of the issues lack of training and motivation.

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