Health Care Profession of Physical Therapy.

Moreover, providing information to the readers and encouraging a more positive feedback and recognition towards the field of Physical Therapy is another aim of the author.

Physical Therapy is one of the significant professions in the health care field, though may be unpopular compared to the Medical and Nursing profession, this career plays an important role in the aforementioned field. It is possible that most individuals are unaware of the vital contributions of Physical Therapy to the society. Moreover, the whereabouts of Physical Therapy may still be a mystery or probably be vague to many people. Hence, this paper endeavors to discuss and explore the variety of concepts associated with the Physical Therapy profession.

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Physical Therapy is considered a profession. Profession as defined by Curtis (2002, p. 3) is a special type of occupation, unique from other occupations for the reason that it highlights autonomy, wherein it possesses the right to control its own work, its members and the rules that govern it. Moreover, it is apparent that Physical Therapy encompasses prolonged and specialized training guided by a body of knowledge, which is another characteristic of profession (Curtis, 2002, p. 3). In addition, it is also evident that people involve in physical therapy is oriented towards service and lastly, physical therapist are guided by specific laws, policies and guidelines that shed light to the efficient, proper and effective practice of their profession.

Physical Therapy is simply defined as the provision of care and services under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist (Curtis, 2002, p. 4). Conversely, Nordqvist (2009) described physical therapy as “a branch of rehabilitative medicine with the objective of helping patients maintain, recover or enhance their physical abilities”

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