Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child.


Developmental toys are essential for young children because they support the child’s learning process and have the added advantage of being less likely to cause unintentional injuries. (Herr, 2001). The guidelines which need to consider when selecting toys for young children are as follows:1. It is important to consider the child’s age, interests, and developmental abilities when selecting an appropriate toy. Developmental skills should be given foremost importance because the toy should be able to enhance his problem solving and reasoning skills.&nbsp.2. High-quality construction features are important to consider such as durability, stability, and good design.3. Select toys that young children can use on their own with minimal parental supervision.4. Avoid selecting toys which have small pieces in order to eliminate the chances of choking. (Marotz et al, 2005).The pop-up farmhouse is a great toy for young children. The toy is safe and is not too heavy for the child to lift. Pop up farmhouse can be used with minimal adult supervision because the toy is not made of small pieces. The toy is a good developmental item because it enhances the child’s imagination and dexterity. Moreover, it is great for eye coordination and is a good tool for familiarizing children with the sounds of farm animals. Therefore, I would advise parents to select this toy for their young children.&nbsp.The Inch WormThe Inch Worm is an excellent toy for enhancing a child’s dexterity and locomotory skills.

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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child.
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