Helen Keller’s Language.


According to child-development-guide.com , the most vital aspects of child development are – Physical development , Social development , emotional development , Cognitive development and language development . I shall now discuss these in Helen’s life in detail.

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Helen Keller’s Language.
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Though Helen did not suffer any deformity in limbs or any default in physical growth , her physical development was not normal. Since she was blind , there was no hand-eye co-ordination , her physical actions were uncontrollable as she would throw plates on others. Her dietary habits were also shabby.

Vision and hearing are also very crucial for a child’s social development as they are important modes of communication. These senses connect an individual to the outside world. However , for Helen Keller the world had narrowed down and thus her social experiences were very limited .the exchange of gestures with society was absolutely nil. She couldn’t observe people’s changing facial expressions. This isolation had a very deep impact on the child’s social development. she did not obey her mother’s moral instructions and became a very difficult child to handle. Throwing tantrums became a habit for her.

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