Hinduism Paper.

The definition of Indian Supreme Court about Hinduism is elucidated as well. It also presents the services of Mahatma Gandhi in spreading Hinduism and his views regarding caste system in the religion. The theme of the paper is to give a hawk eye review about Hinduism as a religion.

Maya has huge significance in Hinduism and it basically means illusion. The term moves around the conception that this world is not actually real and the environment around us is an illusion. The things we experience are not authentic but are in fact depiction of ourselves. Every human being lies somewhere like a drop of water in an ocean. The perception of eternity is the premise of Maya. The term can be more explicated that this universe and creatures living in it are fake. actual human live lie somewhere else. The people which we observe around us actually belong to someplace else (Klostermaier, 2007).

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Fuller (2004) demonstrated that in Hinduism it is believed that the teachings of Vedanta are ultimate truth and an ordinary human mind cannot go deep into the wordily meaning of Maya. Karma and Ahamkara are the forces which make Maya. The Brahman caste of Hindu’s can understand the meaning and true notion of Maya. To produce conclusive arguments. verses of Bhagavad Gita are presented by Hindu Scholars to strengthen the concept of Maya. The essence of this theory is principally that world is a fake place and our souls lie somewhere else (Klostermaier, 2007).

The Supreme Court of India defines Hinduism that it is nothing more than a way of life. It does not believe in a single god, one prophet or single philosophical concept and it does not persuade towards religious traditions. Hinduism is the way people live their lives in a cultured and tailored manner. This idea of Hinduism was defined by Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court, P. B. Gajendragadkar in 1995.

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