According to many authors and research experts, this may be a misleading fact because the statement of purpose in The Fiery Trial is within an expectation of less or more than another biography1. Forner who is the author of this book has not explored or exhibited comprehensive information pegged on Lincoln’s life. This is opposed to the hyperbolic information that has crowded the historical field concerning the history of slavery and Lincoln’s biography. Foner also teases out Abe’s fixed notion about slavery with the aim of displaying his thought about Lincoln’s scholarship. Actually, he believes that Lincoln’s scholarship was due to self-referential mould and wanted to show how new circles of people and evolving public perceptions can boost or change one’s level of thinking.

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The introductory part of Foner’s book exhibits precise and exposed thumbnail sketch of the historiographical stand and possible plans for correcting it. He also promises not to cite works done by his fellow historical authors to maintain originality that stands as a pillar of his historical viewpoint. He was not specific in listing author names whose works are baseless in line with his perception. This omission makes the narrative smooth and appealing to the market. Any reader is capable of knowing the intent of Foner when in his writing about over-specialization in Lincoln’s life study. They may also know the weakness associated with self-referential thoughts and the proposed identity of speech or letter as the actual or typical Lincoln.

One of Lincoln’s growth capacities is pegged on the author’s leitmotif. According to the information displayed in the book, he balances between two antagonistic understandings.

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