History of Europe: the Renaissance.

This enabled the literature to develop considerably. The remarkable changes which took place during this period were totally known as Renaissance. Moreover a lot of historical researches and learning were conducted during this period. The developments in writing inspired cultural reformation also. In communication field also there were notable improvements.( Paul W. Schroeder,) This assisted the Renaissance ideals to spread all over Europe quickly. In this way the intellectuals had certain key roles in bringing a remarkable civilization among people every where in Europe.

The modern history of Europe is considered as the events taken place from Renaissance onwards. Thus the developments are limited not only in social and cultural fields but in political and diplomatic fields also. This includes social bases of politics, the origin of modern states and relation between various social classes. The major cultural movements which took place in the modern Europe is on account of Renaissance. The European cultural life is very much affected by this Renaissance. These cultural developments were started from Italy and spreads towards north and western regions Europe. Apart from literature, art and culture other categories which influenced by the modernization of Europe are philosophy, science, history, religion and other results intellectual researches. It is from France that the ancient culture transmitted to the modern Europe. (Jhon, marry man) The main principles of this culture were theories of equality and democracy and these two constituents are considered as the extracts of modern political and social developments in the modern Europe. If the French culture had not intervened in European culture the modern European culture would have been entirely different from the currently prevailing style.

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