A request for assistance because of an emergency, which might eventually qualify for assistance in accordance with Stanford Act, may be done. The state governor of the state within which this incident has happened may request to the president to give directions to the defense secretary to use resources of DOD to execute emergency work, which is necessary for life and property preservation (Burkett, 2009).

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2. The first priority of the state happens to its citizens in the case of terrorism. Incase terrorists are apprehended, all they are looking forward to is negotiation for their life safety or to make demands for whatever they had planned. It is important for an incident commander, to remember not to negotiate with the terrorists. The policy of the United States Counter terrorist unit is that:

The government of United States makes no concessions with persons trying to kill or holding American citizens hostage. As an incident commander, one is the United States’ government representative and should do everything and utilize every appropriate resource available to secure the American citizens held hostage. It is the policy of the United States government to refuse hostage takers and terrorists benefits of ransom, policy changes, pioneer releases, as well as any other concession acts (Global Focus, 2015).

3. The department of defense happens to be within federal response to local occurrences while the response of the Department of Defense is coordinated totally through mechanisms that are listed within the National Response Framework. Within its provision for support during emergency responses, the command for Department of defense remains with the secretary of defense. However, the National Guard forces are under the governor’s control and command. Within NRF, nothing exists that hinders the statutory authority of the defense secretary as far as the resources as well as DOD personnel are concerned.

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