Homeless People Should Get Shoulder by Government.

The struggles of the homeless people are so much that their plight can no longer be ignored by the government. Since nobody desires to live such kind of life, but instead is forced by circumstances such as poverty or unemployment, it is important for the government to realize that it is its responsibility to take care of the less fortunate. Every human being deserves to lead a somehow dignified life. It is simply inhuman to watch someone sleeping in an open ground or on rags somewhere along a major street. Also, it is inhuman to allow an innocent child to continually roam in the streets with nowhere to go when the night falls. These events are enough to cause any person with some sense of humanity to consider helping these people. But since the structures of offering assistance are best carried out by the government, it is important for the people in leadership position to come up with mean of helping the innocent the homeless people (Ontario Municipal Social Services Association).

It is important for the government to help homeless children so as to prevent them from engaging in acts of crime. It is basic knowledge that most people who engage in criminal activities either lack knowledge that what they are doing is wrong, or are driven by circumstances to engage in such activities. Statistics carried out concerning criminals activities in America reveal that most of the criminals trace their roots to living a care-free life in the streets of America. Also, further research indicates that these criminals are drug addicts.

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Homeless People Should Get Shoulder by Government.
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