How does violent game effect to children.

different positions and confusion over the effect of video games on children, it is lucid that results incline more on the negative than on the positive. This paper seeks to address this concern and bring out the actual issues clouding video games on the limelight.

Video games have been in existence now for over fifty years. In 1952, Tic-Tac-Toe was developed by A.C. Douglas as part of a science project for his thesis, becoming the first video game to be created. Douglas used Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer, and emulator to construct his software, which contained 17 bits and 512 words. Still in the 1950s, William Higinbotham, a Brookhaven employee, developed an elementary game of tennis with an oscilloscope serving as its interface. At times, people refer to his game as the original version of “pong,” although it is not. Later, in the 1960s, Steve Russel, in 1962, developed Spacewar during his graduate studies. He involved several other students in his work, which later went through modifications and enhancements. His work impacted innumerous students including Nolan Bushnell. In 2010, Kirsch records a video game named Spacewar, developed in 1962, in which spaceship engaged in a fierce battle to death. Although the video game design was poor compared to contemporary games, the battling theme of the game has endured through several decades (Herman, Horwitz, Kent, & Miller, 2002).

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How does violent game effect to children.
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The development of the computer and television also impacted the development of video games greatly. In 1966, Ralph Baer assessed several methods he could use the television to act as a display mechanism for computer games he developed. He later developed and patented the first video game ever to use the television set as its display. Baer entered into a deal with Magnavox in1970 to create a video gaming console. At the same time, Nolan was also busy developing the first game ever to demand pay from gamers.

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