How IT impacts your career/major …General Business.


Similarly, as a result of globalization opening the door wide to the foreign influence, governments have decided to take all the steps in ensuring that their countries become IT superpowers for the purposes of enabling national and individual growth. The IT programs involve all aspects of life such as commerce and industry, insurance and banking, communication, finance, development of human resources, defense and media. The steps taken enables the provision of effective education in nearly all disciplines and specifically for the schools of business, to apply novel technologies in making sure there is better management of education (Brown, and Duguid, 2000). The rising demand for management education, and change in the nature of industry and business within the newly established environment of market that is borderless, as well as the development of information technology offer an opportunity of changing the curricular and the systems of delivery of management education to give the prospective managers an advantage to face the challenge in the competitive setting successfully. Consequently, management education and Information Technology has developed a mutual relationship that is supportive or each other in the achievement of excellence. This paper is going to examine and describe how Information technology has impacted my career as a management student.

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How IT impacts your career/major …General Business.
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In many schools of business, the delivery of information and knowledge is through teaching aids such as slide projector, LCD projector and an overhead projector. Nevertheless, in distance learning mode, there are different tools such as audio-visual tapes, radio broadcast, and telecast via television, teleconferencing via satellite, CD-ROMs and floppy diskettes and networking through the Internet.

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