How Schools Kill Creativity.


According to Ken Robinson, recently the system of education has been built in the way that is very utilitarian. Education was never a public system before the 19th century. The educations primary goal is to meet the industrialism need. The effect of industrialism still exists in the today’s school system. Most countries do believe that citizens who do provide abilities of work areas useful citizens and are highly valued more than other citizens of the state (Robinson, 2006).

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 How Schools Kill Creativity.
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In recent times with the experienced population growth, people have great opportunities to get into college. According to Ken Robinson in the next 30 years, from UNESCO findings many people around the globe will be graduating from colleges. The number is much greater than what history has ever recorded. Contrary to many people having the opportunity of joining college, a degree is not as important as it was taken during the past. Having a mere degree cannot guarantee anyone a job anymore unlike n the past. Today many university graduates go home to carry on playing video games merely because they a masters degree to get a job where in the past you only needed a bachelors degree. It is a process of academic inflation that indicates that the whole system of education is moving beneath our feet. Another significant aspect that contributes to schools killing creativity is that students spent a lot of time on humanity subjects such as political science classes and history classes rather than mathematics and sciences (Robinson, 2006).

In most countries around the globe, many students spent the least amount of time on art classes that are usually considered as the admission test of most regular universities. In addition, some subjects are considered more important than others in the art are. For example, Art and Music are given a great importance in most cases and Dance and Drama are viewed as less important.

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