How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shift.


It is therefore, important that all nurses know how the changes will affect their practice. One of the changes expected in the future is an increase in the number of nurses to provide health care services to any people in need of good health care. The current number of nurses is not enough to provide quality health care services to many people in need of the services.

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How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shift.
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Community and home clinics will be the preferred mode of administering health care. Nurses will be recruited and deployed to serve in the community to provide quality services to many people in remote areas. In the home clinics, nurses and pharmaceutical services will be provided at the homes of the patients. They will help patients to help themselves at the comfort of their homes. This will be aimed at ensuring that those patients that are not able to reach a health facility are well taken care off.

Nurse managed clinics are also going to be adopted in provision of health services to people. Many rural areas have limited access to health care. Through the nurse managed health centers, most of the patients in rural areas will be reached and provided with appropriate health care. These changes will see many citizens in America gain access to good and better health facilities. Thousands of people in rural areas are poor and lack accessibility to medical care. This has led to increased mortality rates. With the changes, these mortality rates are expected to decrease.

Accountable care organizations that include groups of hospitals, doctors, health care providers will come together voluntarily to provide quality and coordinated high quality care to patients that are under a Medicare plan (Ballard, 2012, p. 707). This coordination will ensure that patients especially those with chronic diseases receive appropriate care. This will avoid duplication of services and medical errors. It will also enable savings among the patients since the costs of accessing good medical care will be reduced.

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