How to lose weight.


The major causes of obesity and overweight includes increased intake of foods with high energy density, such as sugars and unsaturated fats. Another cause of obesity is leading a sedentary or physically inactive lifestyle, especially in people consuming foods with high energy and fat contents (WHO 2). There are various methods of losing weight including exercises, controlling dietary intake, taking diet pills among other techniques. This paper discusses on how to lose weight through exercises and controlling dietary intake.

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According to WHO, the rate of obesity in developed countries has risen more than three times since 1980 mainly because of increased consumption of foods that have high energy density, such as sugars and saturated fats(2). These poor eating habits are accompanied with reduced physical activity, because of engaging in passive working environment or aversion to physical exercises. Currently, gaining excessive weight is not limited adults alone. Steer and Jebb noted that an increasing number of school going children are affected with the condition that has reached epidemic levels in the world. Thus, the high rate of obesity is a clear indicator of the changing behavioral patterns of different communities in the world. Although genetic composition determines vulnerability of a person to gain weight, energy balance in the body is influenced by the amount of calories in the diet and the physical activity .Changes in the society such as high economic growth, urbanization, liberalization of food markets and advance in technology are some of the factors that have acerbated the epidemic. In addition, technology has resulted in the production of automated transport, passive entertainment and leisure activities at home, which require less physical activities (WHO 2).

According to Steer and Jebb, controlling the amount of calories in food that we eat is one of the most practical ways of losing weight.

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