How to Prevent and Reduce Stress at Cleeve Link..


The main findings of the research are that in Cleeve Hill staffs have been identified five categories of substantive factors that can be identified as potential cause of work-related stress: quantitative and qualitative demands, autonomy and Control, employee involvement in organisational changes, relations at work (including support from colleagues and line managements), role of the employee.

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How to Prevent and Reduce Stress at Cleeve Link..
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This paper declares that notably in some organizations, many tasks are added to a single job description making it barely for any employee to perform without being stressed. In such circumstances, the employees find themselves with heavy workloads, infrequent work breaks, long working hours and or little shift turnover. According to Friedman, a philosopher who investigated the optimum conditions that a human being would be most productive in performing some tasks advocated that human beings perform more efficiently under less duress. Different organizations have different forms of leadership depending on their nature or objectives. However, the major management can be categorised into two main categories namely democratic and autocratic. Democratic leaders employ a bureaucratic approach to leadership ensuring that organizational decisions are made in line with the opinion of all employees. On the contrary, autocratic leaders act on their own. any decision affecting an organization is left in the hands of the top management. In line with this, the manner in which decisions are made in organizations affect employees directly.

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