HR Assignment.


Human resource management is a way that a company or any other firm can use to manage its staff. in fact this aspect of organization has been identified as an academic theory of business functions which identifies workers or employees as resources with changing needs and ambitions. Workers are not just like other business resources like machinery, transport and raw materials as people ability to work depends on knowledge, training, and the processes set in place.

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HR Assignment.
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The 21st century is a critical period in the growth of business departments especially the information and communications departments and the human resources departments as these have become every critical for the development of any organization (Fisher & Ashkanasy 2000). The following are major functions of the human resource department as identified many organizations with well developed department divisions.

Human resource planning (keeping workers records, forecasting, career modelling and succession planning). employment (recruitment, training, selection, testing and orientation). training and development (primary and advanced skills training, devising working programs). labour relation (solving employee concerns, monitoring morale, labour management programs). compensation ( incentives, analyses of job performance, salary surveys and performance reviews). workforce benefits ( administration of policy, health insurance, designing vacation and sick benefits schemes) (Fisher & Ashkanasy 2000). safety (making sure that the workplace complies with safety regulations like Occupational Safety and Heath Act, supervising security, carrying out possible accident investigations, and evaluation of the physical environment). discipline ( policy formulation and coordination, conduction of disciplinary measures). and personnel research (conducting opinion surveys,

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