HR Management Manners Europe Case.

One of the prime issues faced by the company was relating to the aspect of motivation to work. Employees were seen to be less serious about their commitment towards the organization and to give personal life more importance at all occasions. They fail to realize that at times when the organization requires employee commitment, it becomes necessary to put aside personal lives temporarily. When employees are faced with emergencies, the company realizes the situations and grants them leaves so that they can meet their responsibilities towards family and others. Similarly when the organization is encountering an emergency scenario, it is the responsibility of employees to put aside their personal lives and meet organizational needs. Employee-organization commitment is, therefore, a two way aspect.Tom Steiger, the Director of Finance, had cited an example to Wilman related to employees’ motivation to work. Tom said that the company was often late in submitting reports to the US office. A week earlier when the company was trying to meet the time schedule for accounting reports, Tom and two other employees decided to come in early on Saturday. One of the junior employees of the two had taken leave from the office after working for only two hours and then returned after almost four hours. The employee completely neglected the matter that the company was facing a deadline issue and it was required on his part to stay and help the other employees in completing the task on time.

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HR Management Manners Europe Case.
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