Human Resource Management and Labor Relations.


The main challenges faced by domestic and global companies involve the challenge become more efficient or competitive, to overcome diversity and cultural differences, to introduce effective culture and good morale, organizational structure and change. In home country, difficulties in communication can arise with produc­tion systems where workers are stationed continuously at a particular point with limited freedom of movement.

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Human Resource Management and Labor Relations.
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Even when opportunities exist for interaction with colleagues, physical conditions may limit effective commu­nication. Communication has an impact of organizational structure which is on the surface the elements or patterns of rules, and social relations (encounters and face to face co-presence) are articulated by discourse and ideology. Rather than being dependent upon information, organizational communication is embedded in trust. Surface relations must be seen in terms of a deeper code or structure that makes sense of the often conflicting surface events. An environment from which communication flows is interpreted and constructed, regardless of the networks from which the communication emerges or arises (dense, close, loose, tight, redundant, etc) (Campbell 45).

In a global context, workforce diversity has a tremendous impact on communication and relations between employees. All employees come from different cultural and social environment. they have different social statuses and class location, different religious beliefs and belong to different cultures. Differences are bound to exist, due simply to the physical characteristics of the employees, such as sex, nation race (Gesteland 76). These differences create a certain tension between employees which requires special intervention actions of HR department to manage workforce diversity. The main challenges in communication involve cultural and language differences.

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