Human Resources in Healthcare.

Along with this, organizations should attempt to make appointments by promoting current competent employees, so that they can save the cost of hiring and training new employees. As a second option, request the existing employees to refer the individuals with relevant skills and experience. In this way, organizations can economically select appropriate talent without bearing the cost of advertising a job (Siddique, 2004). As a last resort, organizations nowadays go through the conventional method of hiring.

Integration of HR with the strategic management of the organization is a prerequisite of the business success because, it is the human factor which will utilize the infrastructure of the company to transform the intended organizational goals and objectives into a reality. Therefore, it is a must for the organization to develop the objectives in accordance with the current and developable competencies of its employees. (Marler, 2009)

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Human Resources in Healthcare.
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Strategic integration of human resource management requires a firm to recruit and select those employees with strategically aligned skill set, so that they can help the organization in attaining the goals set by the top management (Siddique, 2004). At the same time, human resource managers should performed job need analysis, to develop a list for the jobs that required to be filled.

No, strategic management is not an HR function. But it is the collection of various functions, because the fundamental purpose of strategic management is to determine the long term goals of an organization (Marler, 2009), then divide them into number of short term ones.

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