Hybrid Cars are negative to the Envirornment.

Hybrids, formally referred to as hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs), infer automobiles powered by both petroleum products and electricity. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) employ a number of power sources to fuel movement. In the case of HEVs, the automobiles may be propelled by a combination of traditional gasoline or diesel with an electric battery that can be plugged in a peripheral power source (Anderson and Anderson 115).

Electricity mainly supplements petroleum products as a prime power source, which in turn, yields fewer emissions and an enhanced gas mileage.

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Hybrid Cars are negative to the Envirornment.
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The overriding perception within the car market industry is that hybrid or electric cars are environmentally benign. To some extent this is true as there are several benefits to purchasing a hybrid car. however, one should be conscious of some of the potential negative environmental influences of hybrid cars. If one takes the overall environmental cost of a vehicle right from design to its dismantling or recycling, hybrid-electric vehicles do not reasonably match the hype that they are presently getting (Phukidides par.1). Although hybrids are perceived as clean technology by a majority of people, hybrids with an internal combustion engine still generate pollutants to the environment.

Similarly, the electricity generated to recharge the batteries and power the vehicles may be produced through “dirty technology” such as burning fossil fuels. The long-term impacts of hybrid cars to the environment include destructive impacts of battery waste disposals, and landfill contributions. Disposing of the batteries when they have outlived their worth also poses some environmental risks.

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