Hyperlocal journalism.

A proper example of a hyperlocal journalism site is the inclusion of an article about a baseball team that is found within the local little league. It may also include conducting an interview with a veteran who took part in the Second World War and lives within the region. In addition, the sale of a home along the street also forms part of the hyperlocal news and journalism (Fidgerald, 2010).

The biggest challenge that is faced by hyperlocal journalists is the funding and hence the ability to sustain the model. However, each day, there are new models that are being developed alongside the present ones. One of them is the advertising-only model.

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A good example is the Post-gazette, which in the year 2011 was launched by a pilot in Sheffield, as one of the startups that were ad-funded. It still possesses a twitter, Facebook and Website links. However, they are no longer operational. It indicates that the model, which was aiming at delivering hyperlocal news at broader perspective across the nation was responsible for much smaller areas. The whole idea was supposed to be done with the use of mobile devices, which were produced by numerous publishers.

In general, it is important to have at least one publisher for every 5,000 people rather than one person covering a single town or a handful of people covering one town. Also, there should be a particular target amount for a single place. However, one of the challenges that will be experienced with this strategy is the lack of enough skills among the people (Craft & Davis, 2013).

This model of business possesses varying degrees of success. Initially, it was thought to be an innovative way through which the information that is often ignored by the local newspapers is brought to the members of the community.

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