Illegal Immigrans.


The chief law governing immigration is the INA Act of 1952. This law specifies under which circumstances a person becomes a legal or illegal immigrant. This law specifies the privileges and restrictions of an illegal immigrant. The writer specifically opposes the Maryland dream act, which, contrary to the INA, allows provision of subsidized tuition to illegal immigrants.

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The INA has a fierce guarded against interference. The judiciary does not meddle into immigration affairs unless in the occurrence of a constitutional right infringement. The president has no power over it. This congress regulates this law. There are limited chances of amendments unless by popular opinion in a referendum. In 1982, the Supreme Court ruled against educational discrimination in a class action suit. Mexican children living in Texas in 1982 filed the Plyler vs. Doe case. The court decided that the children deserved humane treatment. The law is, therefore, no defense for inhumane acts.

The writer goes on to refer to the aiding of aliens as handouts to law breakers. Illegal immigrants constitute more than eleven million of the total population (Preston 2010). This is a quite significant sum. This would then mean the US has at least eleven million criminals. The chance that they will one day decide to return to their country is dreadfully dismal. This also emerged in the 2009 census results (Preston 2010). This means they will continue living in the country and bear children. This creates another class of immigrants. children of illegal immigrants. These children would also then be criminals. The process will go on, as more children come forth. These children do not know any other home except their country birth. This also translates to the fact that the probability of these children deciding to go back to their home country is minimal.

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