Illegal Immigration and The Cost to US Citizens.


Immigration in the United States and would provide with both the view points on it concluding as to if it should be stopped or not (Illegal immigration).

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 Illegal Immigration and The Cost to US Citizens.
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It was found that the number of illegal immigrants residing in the United States were almost 10.8 million in January 2009 (Reuters 2010) Most of these immigrants belonged to Latin America,

Mexico, and Central America. These immigrants have crossed borders illegally through different ways to enter USA. Most of them enter USA to earn a better living there as it is a developed country. The proponents of illegal immigration believe that they have a positive effect on the economy of the United States as these immigrants tend to work a lot for the service sector. A report known as Perryman report of 2008 found that these illegal immigrants were adding up to $245 billion to the GDP of United States. These proponents believe that it is because of these illegal immigrants that the service sector of United States is booming. The wages that the illegal workers take from their employers is quite less as compared to the wages written in the constitution and this is because it gives an edge to employers. The proponents believe that illegal immigration can create a lot of jobs which naturally other citizens of United States would not be willing to take. It is because of their courtesy that all the sectors of the United States are working in an organized manner. However all these views are opposed by the opponents of illegal immigration as they believe the opposite of what the proponents believe (FOX NEWS 2010. Illegal Immigration).

The opponents of illegal immigration argue that these immigrants are taking the rights of the citizens of United States and are depriving them of the basic necessities as laid down in the constitution. The jobs taken up by the illegal immigrants in United States can be taken up by legal citizens if they are given the chance.

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