I’m Still Human.


Racism is a perfect example. Whites have always been marked as superior to the blacks in the United States and the blacks have been negatively stereotyped. Although many efforts have been taken since decades for uniting the human race and sorting out the differences between them, these problems still exist in our society where a particular group of people are sidelined and neglected (Biss 2008). This inferiority is not just assigned to a particular group on the basis of their physical appearance but also owing to their mental skills and capabilities. I can truly relate to this with my life as I have a son who suffers from autism and I have taken care of him for eight years after his condition was identified. My child was diagnosed with autism at the age of four years and though he is in possession of great skills and abilities, he is looked down upon owing to his disease which makes him different from other children.

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I’m Still Human.
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The article, “Autism: Why Some Children ‘Bloom’ and Overcome Their Disabilities” sheds light upon the positive outcomes that can be obtained in autistic children if early interventions are prescribed in these children. While going through this article, I assessed the importance of the need of optimism and positivity in the life of autistic children. It triggered thoughts in my mind regarding my son and how proper support and interventions can actually make his life better. Autistic children are not received with warmth and love in our society. They are sidelined and are not judged on the basis of their positive traits but are rather judged on the basis of their shortcomings. This makes their progress and development worse (Szalavitz 2012 a).

Children suffering from autism are not treated well in our society and this can clearly be assessed by the report of a recent research.

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