Improving Life in the United State.


Some of the activists of health eating are advocating that most people become vegetarians. Research has shown that vegetables have very low or zero cholesterol and to help in better performance of the body metabolism compared to animal food products. Thus, the assumption is most vegetarians’ value and care for the environment. Moreover, to improve life in America, every person must stand out to avoid the life threatening events like unhealthy living and global warming.

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Improving Life in the United State.
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Corliss compares people reason for eating meat on a daily basis to reason a person can give for smoking cigarette (Web). The consumption of beef in America is on the increase. Consequently, most Americans do not comprehensively understand the enormous side effects of beef consumption. Most Americans may not understand well the term vegetarian because many people in America thinks a vegetarian is a person who consumes vegetables more often as side dish. Although, vegetarianism is health friendly to be a person, the practices of the habits come with complexities and challenges. Therefore, most people may fall back to the old habit because most people are flirty vegetarian. Corliss states that a true vegetarian view beef as “not just the additives and ailments connected with the consumption of beef, though a dish of hormones, Eichhornia coli bacteria or the scary specter of mad-cow disease” (Web). Thus, this can be enough reason to not bounce back to beef consumption habit. Therefore, an attitude of a person towards food causes some people to overlook the value of the product to their body or the harm of the product cause to their health. To improve the life of the Americans, change of attitude towards vegetables is what the American people need to embrace.

Healthy eating lifestyle can be one of the best ways to conquer most lifestyle diseases.

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