Inclusive and special education: disability issues and society.


Furthermore, special education teachers have identified lack of resources and services as the problem that hinders disability children and their parents. Special education has been offered in either inclusion or mainstreaming or a combination of the two, Cohen, O. (1995:70-78). Where inclusion entails that normal student classes are integrated with those with disabilities, Cohen, O. (1995:70-78). Specialized services are offered are offered outside a normal student classes and the disability students rarely leaves class to attend therapy services like speech and language or physical therapy. Whereas mainstreaming involves merging students with special needs with normal ones so as they learn together during specific time. Mainstreaming can be self- contained (segregation) or exclusion. Segration model includes full time placement of student with special needs into regular classes but spend most of their time entirely in classes with special needs. Exclusion model involves total separation of children with disabilities mostly occurs in hospitals or detained in a justice system. However, suspended or expelled special needs students cannot be considered as excluded. For the past years special education has been in the limelight. For instance in USA, the National council’s President on Disability termed special education to be included in every school. Whereas in other places like England support services are in place to help parents and their special need children. Services like parent partnership that allows parents to participate in the planning and provision of education to disability children, Cohen, O. (1995:70-78).

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Inclusive and special education: disability issues and society.
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Scotland has The Additional Support Needs Act that has the responsibility of ensuring that there is collaboration among the parents, education authorities and other organization in the delivery of education to all irrespective a student’s disability status.

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