Infection control in the hospital.


In this regard, the nursing professionalism as designated by Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) codes of conduct will be referred to with reference to the theoretical underpinning of adult nursing care delivery. The objective of this assignment would thus be recognition of the parameters of healthcare environment and the factors associated with it, which may influence safe healthcare delivery by the nurses to the intended population.

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Infection control in the hospital.
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The National Health Service (NHS) was expected to provide universal healthcare of identical standards throughout the UK. It was supposed to be comprehensive such that it would cover all health needs of the population. The third principle was to make it free at the point of delivery, so that it is available based on needs to all citizens equally, not on the ability to pay. The system works through a participatory structure involving conjoint work of the Local Health Board and Local Health Authority including Community Health Council and other private or voluntary organisations (Goldie and Sheffield, 2001).

Since the NHS activities are sum total of national and local policies, it would be worthwhile to examine which policies may influence the health and social care in adult nursing (Department of Health, 2003). These include Misuse of drugs (Act 1971). infection control, food hygiene, health and safety work (Act 1974). moving, handling, and protection of vulnerable adult and public health disease control (Act 1984). disability discrimination act (Act 1995). data protection act (Act 1998). and over all, the policies in relation to standards of care (Hewitt-Taylor, 2003).

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) is a vehicle of production and dissemination of evidence-based practice guidelines in order to influence the practice of the healthcare professionals including nurses.

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