Information flows and financial management.

The first scenario is a simple procedure for adding a new project code to the system. One needs to enter the user name to get access into the production screen. To create a new project code, project code form has to be filled by entering all the required information. We can also confirm the submission of the project code and review the route log.

There are some new features that are added in the KFS module. For instance Kuali automatically directs the routing of the eDocs for online approval. The built in Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) sends documents to the users set up by the organization. There are also control points established to ensure that the system does not allow duplicate entries and displays appropriate error messages. The system also allows us to send ad hoc requests even after the product code is created which makes it easier for the end users.

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Information flows and financial management.
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. The second scenario incorporates transferring funds from one account to another account using eDoc. To create a new transfer of funds eDoc, the description, account number and document overview field needs to be filled out. If invalid information is filled out, the application would indicate an error message. Once all the information is filled in, the eDoc can be submitted for Routing and approval. If the value is known to the user, it can be directly entered in eDoc otherwise the lookup icon is a very useful field which helps us search for the right values.

There is another important KFS feature which allows importing of accounting lines from comma separated values (CSV). We can access the templates from accounting fields, fill in the data and add the accounting lines by attaching the template.

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