Information Management.


Business field has experienced many transformations in developed countries over time. One major change is the use of information technology in order to achieve better communication. Written forms of communication for example e-mails, blogs and letters play significant roles in organizations. They enable execution of business issues in a more convenient manner because tasks such as accounting and employee appraisals are effectively undertaken. This paper offers analysis and critique of the association between information science, written communication genres and business aims. furthermore, it addresses issues affected by written communication.Analysis and Critique

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Information Management.
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According to Demarco (2011), information technology is a critical pillar in advancing business operations in current competitive economic world. Critically, organizations who seek to leverage their business performance should comprehensively adopt sound technological methods in daily business transactions. These technological-enabled systems facilitate effective development of customer base through mutual networking and exchange of noble business ideals. For example, most organizations have designed definite e-mail and blog network systems through which communication with clientele is established.

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