Information Technology Governance.


The establishment of Information Technology Governance as regulatory framework focusing on the information technology infrastructure used in organizations worldwide has not supported the organizational needs in terms of information technology – at least not at the level expected. The reasons for this failure are analyzed in this paper. reference is made to the main aspects of Information Technology Governance but also to its relationship with other key organizational frameworks – especially the Corporate Governance.

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In order to understand the problems related with the development of Information Technology Governance it would be necessary to refer primarily to the characteristics and the role of this framework as part of organizational environment. The main role of Information Corporate Governance is to establish the criteria – or else the standards – on which the management of Information Technology Systems has to be based. In accordance with Solms et al. (p.9) Information Technology Governance can be characterized as ‘the leadership and organizational structure and processes that ensure that the organisation’s IT sustains and extends the organisation’s strategies and objectives’. In its above form, Information Technology Governance is of critical importance for the survival and the development of organizations in the context of the international community. Emphasis should be paid on the legal rules regulating the above framework but also to the challenges/ problems that this framework may have to face.

One of the priorities of rules regulating the Information Technology Governance is to ensure quality – in all its aspects. in this way, it is expected that risks and problems in all these systems’ operational aspects can be limited. Commonly, quality is the issue on which the relevant rules focus.

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