Information Warfare & Cyberterrorism.


According to Hollis (2008), international cyber terrorism has made digital form of storage of information become an insignificant advancement. In this paper, three major cyberterrorism cases that have occurred around the globe will be reviewed. In the three cases, the victims, the aggressors and the motives behind the attacks will be highlighted.

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Information Warfare & Cyberterrorism.
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In this case the victim was Estonia. Major organizations in Estonia including the government were affected by this particular attack. Major websites in the government were disabled. Financial institutions in Estonia were also affected as their websites were jammed with foreign users (Traynor, 2007).

The aggressor in this case was Russia. However, Russia did not take responsibility for the attack, but the victims claimed the attacks were traced back to Russia. Analysts also argued the bitter political rivalry between Russia and Estonia was enough to link Russia to this particular attack. NATO investigated the issue and it was accused of double standards since they refused to directly accuse Russia of the attacks (Traynor, 2007).

Major websites in the government were hacked and they were accessible to many foreign people. Additionally, there was a viral attack which disabled many government websites which contained crucial information. To curb the cyber attacks, the government of Estonia and all the affected companies disabled all the affected websites. Additionally, the government disabled all foreign access to the country’s websites. It ensured that only domestic subscribers could view these websites.

The victim in this case was Georgia. The county was having political confrontations with Russia, which lasted for many years. After a truce agreement was signed to stop military war between the two nations, the war shifted to cyber attacks. The attacks were politically instigated as Russia was directly blamed for the attacks.

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