Informative speech.

Among the Chinese festivals is the annual Chinese traditional New Year’s party.

The Chinese New Year is an important festival for the Chinese people all over the world. The Spring Festival is also used to refer to Chinese New Year. There is no set date when the Chinese New year specifically happens, and the festivals fall on a diverse date each particular year. However, the festival normally falls either in January or February. The Chinese New Year festival is celebrated for a period of up to 15 days (Jango-Cohen 8).

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During the night New Year festivities, a family reunion dinner is usually held. All family members are required to attend the reunion dinner. On the day of the festival, children wish good luck to their parents and in return they are given red packets that contain money. In addition, any unmarried member of the family is required to receive a red packet from every married member in the family. When the ninth day of the ceremony sets in, a traditional offering is offered to the Jade Emperor believed to be in heaven. A typical Chinese New Year is marked with firecrackers (Chey 149, 150).

In any Chinese New Year festivities, firecrackers are a vital ingredient. During the festivities everywhere in China and the rest of the world where the celebrations are taking place fireworks explode. Fireworks mark an important cultural belief among the Chinese people. The significant of the fireworks in the Chinese New Year celebration is to scare any bad luck away from the New Year (Gleason 4).

Food serves as a central component of most of the Chinese festivals and rituals of a social interaction. Visiting friends and family during the festival are required to bring gifts of food to the host’s family home. This serve as a reaffirmation of the good relationship of the families’ involved. Fundraising can be held during the Chinese New year to support a course that benefits the community.

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