Informative Speech-Marriage customs.

Each of the culture has unique dress code, cuisine line, ceremonies in their respective weddings all poles apart from each other. For example: Asian brides usually wear red on their wedding day while, European wear long white gowns (Gokulsing and Dissanayake, 2009). Though there are many traditions in many cultures but by performing this ritual there’s only one goal and one intention which is to unite two souls, two hearts and two individuals into one (Smith, 2003).

The topic of my speech is arrange marriage customs in India and the steps needed for it. India is rich and vast when it comes about their culture and their weddings are considered as the most colorful weddings of Asia (Smith, 2003).

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Informative Speech-Marriage customs.
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Arranged marriages are those marriages in which both the family of about to be bride and groom sit together and plan the wedding. Usually the partner of either the girl or the boy is chosen by the parents, communal elders or by matchmakers. In arrange marriages a lot of things are considered like religion, ethical values, class, education, background and a lot more things which at least should be of exact match or should be equal (Srinivasan, 1997).

In India it is supported that a parent will never consider something bad for the child. Parents are one of those people who are present at every stage of your life as a guide. As marriage is an important decision of one’s life so how parents at such stage can make wrong decision or suggestion (Visweswaran, 2011).

Arrange marriages also involve choices, it’s wrongly said that it does not. Usually nothing happens with the affirmative signal of the bride and the groom (Viharini, 2010). The first step thus is to select a life partner, which is usually done by the parents or elders (Stephen, 2010).

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