Inside the mind of a psychopath.


Psychopaths cover their deficiencies and it would take extra effort and time before discovering such characters. This people show appearances of normalcy even with guilt inside of the most erratic and irresponsible actions and sometimes would turn violent and destructive. Kent (2010) believes that nearly every culture on earth has individuals whose antisocial behavior poses a threat to the communities’ peace. He mentions that by the help of technology, the brain activities of such characters can be captured and an investigation carried on what is happening inside them. This article, therefore, analysis the traits of psychopaths and how they react to the world around them.

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Inside the mind of a psychopath.
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In relation to this subject, it is evident that far from being selfish, psychopaths suffer from a biological defect and their brains tend to process information differently. In the real sense, psychopaths exist in real life and Newman believes that they are un-reactive and have normal physiological responses to unpleasant stimuli. In as much as they may look appealing, they have the capacity to tone-deaf, because they lack access to their own feelings and those of others. Tentatively, I agree with the author of this article since the psychopaths experience the world in his or her own context from other people. They have issues upon issues making appropriate moral judgments on values and putting breaks through their impulses. They also have issues on how to deal with emotions, especially fear and have trouble identifying fearful facial expressions. According to Kent, these individuals feel irritated when things do not work their way and turn to risky behaviors to fulfill the desires of their hearts.

It is essentially interesting to discover that psychopaths have trouble understanding metaphors and are more likely to judge negatively other phrases than others are.

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