Integrated Communication Marketing.

The shareholders face a reduction in business growth, owing to the negative publicity of the company, which, reduces their profits. The management also suffers from the bad reputation as they report significant loss of business to competitors. Employees, on the other hand face the association of an immoral organization, which does not contribute positively to their self-esteem.

External stakeholders include customers, the local community, as well as competitors (Strydom, 2005). The publicity of the company affects customers negatively, thus denying them an opportunity to dine at a restaurant they had previously enjoyed. The local community suffers from the immoral show that focuses on Olive Garden, which does not promote family values. Competitors enjoy the increased flow of clients to their organization as they move from Olive Garden.

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Integrated Communication Marketing.
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For casual observers of media, the “Sexiest Girls of Olive Garden” would appear as a sponsorship by the Olive Garden Company. This follows the idea that most programs search for organizations that can sponsor them, and then include their names in the event or program as a way of promoting their business to the audience.

This event can be seen as one that had damage control programs in order. The overlap between the individuals who dined at the restaurant, and the people who watched the girls’ next-door show presented an effective control mechanism (Clow, & Baack, 2013). The group that dined at the restaurant consisted of more women than men. In relation to this, more women than men watched the show, thus allowing Olive Garden a perfect opportunity to gain greater publicity from the show.

I disagree with this proposition as the show associated with Olive Garden was a complete opposite of the values that a family would support. Taking photos of nude people does not in any way depict the values a family should promote, hence does not attract positive publicity for the organization.

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