Integrated marketing communication.


An advertising message that highlights the unique capability of the Fiat 500 to upgrade to an electric car delivered on billboards outside of retail stores, on buses and outside of underground stations will present heightened consumer interest cheaply to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing communications mix. Moreover, communication of marketing information can be enhanced through the website for Fiat 500 through which more information can be delivered to the customers in the most convenient and interactive manner. Integrated marketing communication on the automobile will also involve images and messages on social media, electronic mail, print and broadcast media which communicated the same idea which aims at promoting the product to the customers in a convincing manner.

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Marketing communication is essential in the promotion of a product and integrating the promotional messages and images in all promotional tools provides the most effective way of creating an impact within the market. Every individual, business, company or organisation has a need to communicate, but it is important to remember that competitiveness and communication are highly correlated in the real world because without effective communication, it is impossible to convince others to buy (Pattuglia, 2011, Pp. 5 – 10) and (Percy, 2008, Pp. 5 – 10). This paper is a report on integrated marketing communication of Fiat 500 to the market which includes a situational analysis of the automobile, the objectives of the marketing campaign, tactics, actions taken, control and a marketing idea.

According to the Automotive Design and Production (2011, p. 43), the performance of Fiat 500 has fallen below expectations and the target goals. For example in the third quarter of 2011, the company sold 21, 300 automobiles which is far less as compared to the 40, 000 goal.

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