Integrating Faith and Learning.


Faith in God automatically gives faith in the self and only then, one learns the right things at the right time in the right way. Hence, learning and faith have to be integrated to reduce the gap between faith and learning.

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Integrating Faith and Learning.
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We can pour into a vessel only when it is empty. When the mind and soul are focused on God, it is free from negative thoughts and distractions. It is then easy to conceive what one learns. fear and anxiety do not haunt the mind. The mind becomes strong and a strong mind can concentrate and learn anything with ease. Therefore, I would start my day with intense prayers to the lord in the first place.

We have or make a life-long commitment to Jesus. a lifetime commitment keeps the mind focused. Statistics too would require a life long commitment. This has to be borne in the mind. As during prayers, we open the heart to the lord, while learning statistics we should open our heart so that research is perfect and learning is intense.

Relational Evangelism teaches us to share knowledge. When we share knowledge, when we teach others what we have learned the knowledge becomes firm. Statistics is a subject where the foundation has to be firm and the application of theory has to be done at the right place. If I share, if I teach others what I have understood, I would never forget what I have learnt.

Statistics requires a lot of research and planning. A constant reflection on and search on God’s ideas leads us closer to God. a constant search, an in-depth research to get to the truth, will help me to integrate statistics in my life. To understand the taste and feel of water we have to take a dip in the water. Standing on the banks we can only talk theory. Similarly, to understand God we have to become one with him. to understand statistics we have to get to the roots, do intense research and learning. become one with it.

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