Interactions of hazardous materials.

minimized chances of interaction of the identified hazardous chemical with humid environment in the air (United States of America department of transport, 2012).

In this case, I will use the sand and soil to cover the chemical to prevent any reaction between the chemical and the air that can lead to fire outbreak. Moreover, to prevent chemical reaction in the scene, I will also ensure that, the spraying activity in the nearby large irrigation field is stopped to minimize the level of humidity in the air. After minimizing risks of fire explosion and chemical reactions, I will request for external assistance from the community and community fire department.

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 Interactions of hazardous materials.
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As I wait for external aid, I will put into place several restraint measures to prevent the unpredictable danger. To start with, I will ensure there is no contact between the identified chemical and the environment. This will reduce chemical reactions that can cause fire. Secondly, I will demarcate the area to protect people from tampering with the water reactive materials. Thirdly, for my personal safety, I will ensure that I have completely covered my body with a piece of cloth in order to minimize chance of body contact with the chemical (Manahan, 2012). Additionally, I will also make sure that, I have fully protected my respiratory systems to prevent inhalation of dangerous chemicals.

To prevent any casualties in the accident scene, I will as well advice the incoming community members to avoid being closer to the incidence site. I will as well inform the community members about the presence of a dangerous chemical in the accident scene. Moreover, since I do not have emergency response guidebook and cell phone, I will inform the incoming drivers to inform the community fire department on the presence and nature of the incidence.

To ensure maximum security in the area, I will also inform the community member to alert the police officers about the accident.

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