International Business Environment Coursework.

While international business has been there for a long time, it has never been as intense as it is today. Yet, it has not reached its peak. In the future, conditions are going to make it easier, an also necessary for businesses to look at global opportunities. International business is therefore going to be more intensified as time goes on. Although more and more opportunities continue to increase, there are also some challenges that continue to show up in the international business environment. In this appear both challenges and the opportunities that will grace the international business environment have been identified.

Of course, globalization is the biggest factor that has to be considered with regard to international business. Globalization is the unification of the global community made of nations, countries and regions, as they share various aspects of culture such as goods and services, language, ideas, education and even world views. Globalization has been made possible by the introduction of better communication and transport infrastructure which makes these things to be easily moved from one region to the other. Other factors also make globalization a necessity in the long run.

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With globalization, the world continues to be flatter with every technology that that comes up. The flatness of the world refers to the fact that things can be done around the globe in much more efficient and flexible way than they were done in the past. As the world gets flatter, it will mean that the market will respond equally to all types, sizes and even sources of competition. In a fact, world, all competitors have the same opportunity and some traditional factors that used to be the factors determining who dominates the market will cease to be important. Although this has been achieved in a number of ways, it is going to be even more so in the next decade.

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