International marketing management.


latest trends and the future of mobile advertising for the players in the telecommunication industry and all other companies which are very captivated by new form of advertising using mobile telephone as the medium to send the message to the large masses. The enterprise emphasized in the report is Company X, a new company in the telecommunication industry who does most of its business currently in Western Europe with manufacturing operation in Malaysia. The report includes an introduction which describes the methodology. The main body of the report provides various information and different analysis in order to determine the locations, strategies, and demographics Company X should target.

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This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the mobile segment of the telecommunication industry. The methodology approach utilized to prepare was mainly the use of secondary research in order to obtain data and information related to the topic. Secondary research is data available using external sources (Disc, 2007). Sources utilized through the secondary research approach included journal articles, textbooks, magazines, online publications, websites and professional databases. Primary was not used directly in the report, but there are two short proposals on how primary research techniques could be utilized by an investigator studying the industry to obtain relevant information and achiever further research findings.

Both deductive and inducting reasoning was utilized in the preparation of the report throughout the different sections of the document. Deductive reasoning starts with a model, forms a hypothesis, gathers data to test the hypothesis, and then uses the data to conclude whether or not the model accurately describes reality (Ray). Inductive reasoning is an opposite process in comparison with deductive reasoning. In inductive reasoning a research begins with specific observations and measures begin to detect patterns and regularities, formulate some tentative

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