International marketing plan guide.

However, understanding of the market conditions in Qatar for efficient service delivery and success of the marketing channels for use by the university is mandatory. This study aims at analyzing the international pricing that will fit the Qatar market to be adopted by Marywood University for success in accessing international students from Qatar. The different aspects of price will be used to analyze the qualities of the Qatar market to provide insight to effective pricing mechanism for the Qatar market.

The high demand in Qatar results in low price sensitivity for established university institutions. However, for a new entrant in the market the prices have to conform to the levels of pricing to the Qatar market, owing to sensitivity to new universities in the region and the need for quality education (Ibp, 209). After some time, the prices can be adjusted upwards when Marywood University has established a high acceptance in Qatar and has convinced the public and the regulatory authorities of the quality of its programs both graduate and undergraduate.

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International marketing plan guide.
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There are many substitutes for education in Qatar from both international and local universities and the pricing have to reflect the rates offered by the competition, if not better to allow for augmented market share (Ibp, 203). The most notable competition in Qatar is Qatar University offering both graduate and undergraduate programs. Therefore, using the prices offered at Qatar University, Marywood University should develop prices to meet these needs at a region of QAR 176,191.

A high and continuously increasing demand for university education exists in Qatar owing to the few Qataris having attained high education levels to allow them to access jobs requiring high skills and understanding (Abougomaah, 67). There has been an increased need by the Qatar government to reverse the use of highly skilled expatriates resulting in high demand for education in Qatar.

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