Internet and Political Interactions Globally.


This is achieved by organizing online donating stages where supporters and donors provide monetary assistance to a candidate. The funds play a crucial role in ensuring efficient running of campaigns. The availability of the internet creates connectivity among different persons, which encourages decentralization of power and resources. Therefore, the political front can efficiently distribute task different professionals to review policies with public participation.

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 Internet and Political Interactions Globally.
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The internet provides the political scene with a wide audience who, in turn, become willing participants in current affairs. Citizens can effectively engage in public debates and forums, which seek to express their views regarding political policies as they are and how they affect them. Participation in political debates can serve as a way to petition policymakers into establishing better policies to the public as they wish. This encourages public participation in democracy as their right is exercised as guaranteed by the constitution. In addition, the internet provides a platform for constructive criticism, which may present itself as an anonymous comment thus protecting against victimization.

The internet increases public access to information regarding events that shape the day’s political scene. This is facilitated by the availability of a wide audience over the internet through social sites and political blogs. This ensures an open flow of information and transparency in the political arena. With an adequate flow of information, the public becomes a political watchdog over brewing scandals and malpractices. This has played a significant role in ensuring accountability within politics to avoid public and negative publicity.

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