Internet Explosion/Protecting Our Future.

Through these methods, end users are identified by. imaging, eye retina recognition and in most cases voice recognition as well as finger prints. This has not eliminated all security gaps though, as criminals have also been exposed to the ever growing technology. These gaps may include the replication of the finger prints as well as manually recording the voices of the legitimate users through devices like mobile phones.

For the image recognizing technologies, camcorders and digital cameras are used to breach the systems settings. Another gap is the duplication of the electronic cards through their magnetically enabled strips.

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Internet Explosion/Protecting Our Future.
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It is obvious that as technology advances so does the challenge of managing it. This may result to the braking of the professional ethics as one tries to manage emerging challenges. These challenges may include. Control, meaning to what degree do employees behavior is to be monitored, Ownership, what part of an information belongs to the firm and what is for the employees or what is expected by employer from their employees with regards to nondisclosure while working with other companies, Privacy, these may involve the efforts and expenses incurred by managers while questioning data access and privacy as well to what extent does the availability of information justifies its utilization, Accuracy, this heavily engages in the explicit part of a persons responsibility and the implications of possible errors that are anticipated and lastly, Security itself, that relies on the reviewing of security breach vulnerability and liability of exposure by the firm and its employees (Hongladarom & Ess, 2007).

National Research Council. (U.S.). Committee on Advances in Technology and the Prevention ofTheir Application to Next Generation Biowarfare Threats. (2005). An internationalperspective on advancing technologies and strategies for managing dual-use risks: reportof a workshop.

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