Internet Literacy.


There are various forms of plagiarism in academia. For instance, submitting somebody else’s work as original work is a form of plagiarism. Another aspect of plagiarism is using quotations and not citing the source (Espinel, 2011).

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Internet Literacy.
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This law tries to encourage creation of culture and art through rewarding artists and authors with a set of rights. The law grants artists and authors the exclusive right to create and sell their works. Due to petitions filed by many authors 1783, the law was passed to give them protection against infringement of their literary property.

In many countries, the law basically protects the original works of authorship. The works are fixed in a tangible medium. The media includes artistic, musical, dramatic and other types of intellectual works. The law include musical, architectural, sound recording, pictorial and literary works (Espinel, 2011).

During the Constitutional Convention held in 1787, Charles Pinckney of South Carolina and James Madison of Virginia submitted proposals for the granting of copy right for limited time. The proposals made by the two are the origin of the Copyright Clause found in the U.S Constitution (Espinel, 2011).

A trademark is a word, symbol, design, name, or a combination of all. They are used in commerce in distinguishing goods of different manufacturers or sellers. They also indicate the sources of the goods. In history, blacksmiths who made swords in the Roman Empire are the ones who first used the trademarks.

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